Ui.Vision RPA Chrome extension: Migration from Manifest V2 to Manifest V3 [Completed 😃]

IMPORTANT CHANGE with Version 7: If you use macros that run more than ~2 minutes you MUST install the XModules.

If you do not use the XModules then Chrome will stop the macro after ~2 minutes at a random point in the macro. :skull_and_crossbones: No error message is displayed. :skull_and_crossbones: The macro just stops.
Please note that this behavior is not a bug of our software, but a “feature” of the new Chrome API.

:point_right: Solution: Simply installing the XModules resolves this issue. The XModules app prevents Chrome from stopping UI.Vision macros :smiley:

With the V6.31 update we started to make the first changes for the transition to Chrome Manifest V3 (MV3), which is an updated version of the Chrome extension system. We must make this transition, as at some point in the future all extensions that still use the V2 manifest will be removed from the Chrome store.

In an ideal world, these changes should be completely transparent to you, so there is nothing for you to do. UI.Vision works exactly as before. But as with any bigger changes, reality is usually a bit more nuanced. We will use this forum post to keep you updated on the progress of the transition.

If you encounter issues, please make a separate forum post for each new issue. This way we can keep track of each problem and its status. You can then post a link to “your” issue in this thread. Thanks for your help with the V3 transition :slight_smile:

If needed, you can install the earlier version V6.2.8 from the RPA archive.

You can have V6.2.8 and V7.0.X installed in parallel. :point_right:If you decide to go back to V6.2.8 for the time being, please keep V7.0.X (the main RPA version) installed, too. This way you can continue to test it when new updates appear.

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Known issue #1: Proxy Authentication not supported

Known issue #2: LOOP button issue (only 1st loop works)

Known issue #3: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘toPlay’)

Known issue #4: verifyElementPresent hangs if element is not in page

Reporting an issue
Updated on Dec 20, 8 AM EST.
Win 10, Chrome ()
About the macro

  • Running macro in Incognito mode
  • At the end of the macro, invoking “deleteAllCookies” command
  • Browser is closed after the execution [selectWindow | TAB=CLOSE]

The issue:

  • First execution of any macro - successful
  • If i am running same macro second time , Error #101: UI.Vision RPA is not connected to a browser tab"
    After manually restart browser, macro runs again

Hi @Eltal - do you use the LOOP button to play the 2nd macro?

i am talking about same macro.
I am in the middle of the development. Each time i am making change and need to rerun, i need to restart browser

One more thing, the first page that my macro opens, is a text file. Reading data from it for a test

Can you please post a test macro for us? Or provide a video of the issue, so that we can recreate the problem here?

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Not able to upload, as i am a new user, u r not allowing new user upload files

@Eltal I changed your “trust level”, now the file upload should work.

@Eltal Thanks. And the same macro works OK in V6.2.8?

sure did worked fine

Thanks a lot for the video. That was helpful! It shows that with the 2nd run the OPEN command fails because of the toPlay error. And because of this, the web page is not loaded. And because of this, you get the “can not connect” errors next. We will fix this asap.

The new V6.3.2 solves all bugs reported in this thread. Of course, if you still find problems, please keep reporting them here.

Unfortunately new issues have been discovered.

Edit: This issue is fixed with V6.3.3.

Meanwhile another problem has been discovered: V6.3.1 and V6.3.2 suffer from a memory leak. It shows “only” if you run macros in a loop for a long time. Memory usage increases and at some point the extension crashes.

Reports about this here:


  • One workaround is to go back to V6.2.8 until the issue is fixed (see above).
  • Another solution is to use external looping via the command line. The command line is the best method for 24x7 non-stop automation anyway, as it also avoids browser memory issues.

Screenshot of the memory leak:

The new V6.3.3 solves all bugs reported in this thread. Of course, if you still find problems, please keep reporting them here.