Anyone else finding UI Vision is really prone to errors lately?

I stopped using UI vision for a while, but since I’ve come back to it, it’s way more prone to issues than it used to be. My current macro is lucky to run for more than 3 or 4 minutes before crashing completely and coming to a stop (this is with error ignore on too). I used to be able to run it for hours without issue, it had it’s bugs, sure, but now it feels almost unusable.

A lot of the errors I’m reading seem to be with connection issues, saying it can’t t the browser, but other errors seem to be really random, commands that run fine sometimes, throw errors even when they execute as expected.

Happy to provide error readouts if needed, or are these issues currently being worked on? I know there’s been an update to a new V3 manifest recently is this just kinks needing to be worked out?

Is there a work around that if it loses connection it can wait a minute and try again? I’ve not got any timeouts set to 0 or low settings. I spent days working on this thing and if I can’t get it to run reliably it’s pretty much useless too me, thanks in advance.

I’m using Chrome, latest version window 10 if that helps. I’m going to export and try running in Fire fox to see if that works any better.

I still get the at random cannot connect or find a browser on my scheduled tests. Just today, I’m noticing it just stop. No errors, no crash, just stopped running the script. I’m curious if Firefox works any better, I’m using Chrome/Win 10 as well.

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Yeah it seems like the program is way more stable in firefox. I left it running when I went to work this morning and it was still going when I got home 9 hours later.

Are you still having these errors? I’m having the connection lost a ton. Like you said, if it times out after a few minutes, it’s doing the opposite of whst it’s supposed to do. Ug

There’s been a forced upgrade due to Chrome. Try reading this: Ui.Vision RPA Chrome extension: Migration from Manifest V2 to Manifest V3

There is a solution for this issue. It is mentioned in the RPA change log:

IMPORTANT FOR RPA VERSION 7.0.x: If you use macros that run more than ~2 minutes you MUST install the XModules.

The XModules app prevents Chrome from stopping UI.Vision macros after about 2 minutes at a random point in the macro run. This behavior is not a bug in our software, but a “feature” of the new Chrome API. But again - simply installing the XModules resolves this issue.

Thank you. I already had rpa xmodules installed, so not sure what the issue is. Its the storevalue part of a loop that keeps getting tied up. Sometimes it would fail after the 7th time thru, sometimes it failed after 25. But I need 1000.

I went back to Firefox with the same macro. And it’s been running flawlessly for a couple hours.

I will go back to chrome in a few days-will try it again and post it to try and get the bugs worked out. But I’m thrilled it’s working as intended in Firefox right now.

Thanks for the info. Yes, getting a test macro for this issue would be really helpful.