Out of memory error

Hello, each time i run a script on chrome more than 30 minutes, the script stops and following error apears

Please fix this issue because i cant use anymore UI VISION

Do you have a test macro where this happens?

Yes, can i provide you in private?

Have you tried adding restarts?


same here, started since the last upgrade, before worked well

same since 6.3.1

Yes, please email it to team AT a9t9.com

@Nir_Melamoud @moumoute15 Do you have a test macro for us?

Please could you give me the email?
Because in the website form i cant add the script

You may have overlooked it

Impossible to share my macro. It is a macro that I launched without problem a lot of times. But after a moment (about 1 hour after I used several marcros several times), the problem apparears

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same for me with all my macros. All macro worked fine before ui vision update

Issue confirmed. Thanks for all the reports! => We are working on it! See also Manifest V3 migration

This memory leak issue is solved with V6.3.3.