Out of memory error

Hello, each time i run a script on chrome more than 30 minutes, the script stops and following error apears

Please fix this issue because i cant use anymore UI VISION

Do you have a test macro where this happens?

Yes, can i provide you in private?

Have you tried adding restarts?


same here, started since the last upgrade, before worked well

same since 6.3.1

Yes, please email it to team AT a9t9.com

@Nir_Melamoud @moumoute15 Do you have a test macro for us?

Please could you give me the email?
Because in the website form i cant add the script

You may have overlooked it

Impossible to share my macro. It is a macro that I launched without problem a lot of times. But after a moment (about 1 hour after I used several marcros several times), the problem apparears

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same for me with all my macros. All macro worked fine before ui vision update

Issue confirmed. Thanks for all the reports! => We are working on it! See also Manifest V3 migration

This memory leak issue is solved with V6.3.3.

I now reboot my test PC and clear the cache but I’m still getting this issue after 14-20 hours.

The ui.vision webpage crashes and I’m left with “Aw, Snap! Something went wrong while displaying this webpage. Error code: Out of Memory”

The best clue I have to the possible problem is…

The ui.vision macro pastes a short line of text into a very simple google form and then submits the form, and does this maybe 50 times during the 20 hours. Now the chrome task manager says this google form tab is 2.4Gb in size! This remains 2.4Gb on refresh. When the google form tab is deleted and reopened it’s 60Mb in size.

I’m still getting this issue after 14-20 hours.

Yes, that is a known issue we are working on.

As a good workaround you can use the command line: Run browser automation non-stop

OK. Thank you. I normally setup the tabs required manually before a run, but I could automate this and open/close the browser. I’ll first try ui.vision deleting the google form tab & re-opening (after a few hours).