V8.0.1 macros are slow

Long-time user of UI.Vision RPA since it was originally Kantu. Ever since this extension upgraded to v8.0.1, the speed of macros being run is very slow. The settings controlled by Command Interval seem to make no difference. I normally have these set to Fast (No Delay), but tried the other settings to make sure that maybe they needed toggled to slower then faster again. Every setting runs at roughly the same speed which is maybe 500ms - 1s between commands.

I do not have any XModules installed, nor am I using any X* types of steps. I am simply clicking fields/buttons, filling out user inputs (textboxes, checkboxes, etc). I even tried putting a command in my macro to set the command speed, which made no difference. This is really frustrating because these used to perform lightning fast with no delays.

Could this please be investigated?

Hello, can you please tell me compared to WHAT version the macros are slow?

A slow-down should not happen and we will fix it asap.

HI RPA Vision,

Unfortunately I am not sure of the exact version, but I imagine whatever was the last release of the v7 extension. I use this extension weekly in MS Edge and it keeps itself up to date. I am not sure that I tested it in v8.0 initial that I recall.

Hopefully that helps?

The 7.x releases all ran really fast to fill out a textbox, check some checkboxes and click an HTML button.

Thanks, this info explains it. Until last week the Edge version was still using the old “manifest V2”. The slow-down started after our (required) transition to the new “manifest V3” format. It forces us to do some things more complicated internally, thus the slower replay speed.

That said, improving the replay performance is on our todo list.

Hi UI.Vision RPA admin,

Is there anything that I can in the meantime short of downgrading to an older extension version? And disallowing it from auto-updating?

Would installing the XModule apps help at all? I keep seeing notes that the XModule apps need to be installed for v7 not to stop macros after 2 minutes. Is that needed with v8 as well?

The XModules do not influence the replay speed. Unfortunately we have not found any “hack” to improve the replay speed - yet.

What I recommend is to stay with V6.2.8 either in Edge, Chrome or Firefox for the time being. This is the last supported “manifest 2” version. It will not auto-upgrade.

Ok, thank you. I’ll look into that.

Is there any way that I could be notified if any improvement is made in the v8/later versions?

We have several channel were we announce new versions:

  1. RPA change log
  2. RPA Blog
  3. RPA on Twitter

…and of course the announcements in this RPA forum :slight_smile:

Has there been any update on this at all since last year? I can confirm that version 8.3.9 (using manifest v3) is still just as slow. I currently am still using the pegged manifest v2 version, but it would be nice to see an update to the currently active extension.