V6.3.1 Loop button does not work (Page load only on first run)

We confirmed this loop problem. The problem is that OPEN is not correctly exectuted in the 2nd, 3rd etc run.

As workaround, we suggest to use the TIMES command instead of the LOOP button. It is usually the more elegant solution anyway.

Video of the issue:

  • Looping works in V6.2.8
  • does not work in V6.3.1
  • TIMES works fine in V6.3.1

TIMES is intermittent. sometimes it runs perfectly for many rounds. sometimes it just get stuck for no reason or failed after a few runs.

LOOP has never had this issue. Hope LOOP can be resolved soon.

Do you have any tips how to make TIMES work with Csvread as LOOP did? Reading next csv line each loop?

Same error for me…
Is it possible to downgrade ?
If it’s not possible, do you have a solution to use csvread with times ?

Thanks in advance


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This issue is solved with today’s V6.3.2 update. Happy New Year!