XFileAccess module not installed

I have the above error when changing the storage mode to ‘file system’.
Also I can’t edit the ‘Home Folder’ path

like to add that- I have installed the latest ‘ui.vision-xmodules-setup-v201908a’

This is a bug of latest xmodules try to post here actually there is not a solution

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Hi during my test with firefox and kantu i see this

Kantu for firefox seems to work well with 64-bit windows 7 SP1 while on 32-bit windows 7 SP1 there are numerous problems especially to detect xmodules.

I started a testsuite 100 times that started a macro saved in the hard drive and noticed that sometimes xmodules is not detected so it seems a random problem.

Unfortunately to date I can not use last xmodules because it is often not detected and often firefox occupies 100% of the CPU.

It is also possible that the problem is firefox and 32-bit on windows 7 does not work well and therefore also Kantu of consequence works badly. If you notice in the forum there are so many reports of problems with last xmodules 201908, unfortunately firefox often does not detect it, unlike the old xmodules 201905 is correctly detected by firefox.

After I tested the new firefox ESR 68 with Kantu 5.2.3 and xmodules 201905 I find in my task manager 30 simultaneously process with this name conhost.exe and Kantu xmodules not recognized, I again must remove Kantu 5.2.3 and install Kantu 5.1.9 the only version that working.

The only solution to use Kantu is firefox addons 5.1.9, xmodules 201905 other solution do not work.


Thank you for sharing the findings!

Hi if you have possibility to collaborate with the admin with anydesk or teamviewer to solve this problem, thanks

Hello !
thank you for your pertinent participation to this forum .
i have a question please : where can i find Xmodules 201905 ?
thank you in advance

Firefox new version 5.3.7 (XModules V1.0.19) - Not Installed.

I use firefox ui vision 5.1.9 with xmodules 201905 in virtual machine

I saved the state of virtual machine to restore it in every moment

After i upgrade ui vision addons od xmodules if do not work i restore the old state in virtual machine with firefox ui vision 5.1.9 with xmodules 201905 that are working.

All newest version in my opinioin do not work (firefox addons and xmodules).

Here is a link to 201905

You have to remove 201908, install 201905 and reboot. Otherwise it’ll not do the job. If it still doesn’t work try uninstall, reboot, install, reboot.

BTW I have NOT downgraded firefox addon. It’s the latest as in my previous message (5.3.7)

PS. Do not expect all recent X related perks to work. Just thought I have to put out there “just in case”.



Read this please

Need urgent fix for ui vision

Fixed. See Why the status of RealUser XModule is not Installed at setting after installing XModules

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