Why the status of RealUser XModule is not Installed at setting after installing XModules



it works normally after click Test it button


So everything works ok? As a test, you can run the DemoXClick and DemoXType macros.


yes. But There is a certain probability that the status still show not installed. seem like the IDE is not unstable


Just to clarify: Are you saying that even now - after it showed “installed” - it goes back to “not installed” sometimes?

(that would be the first time I hear about such an issue)


Today I reopen kantu IDE today, it always show “not installed” ,although I reinstall xmodule.

let me clear this problem. yesterday I installed kantu and Xmodule at first time. Then I found readuser xmodule show “not installed”. so I click “test it” button and it show “installed” and it work normally when run your demo.

But when I try to write my own scripts and debug it. it still tell me readuser xmdule is not installed. so I click ‘test it’ again. it work again.


Strange. Some questions:

  • What browser are you using?
  • What operating system (Ubuntu Linux, Windows 10, Mac…)?
  • What OS language (English, German, Chinese,…)?


browser: chrome ,version 73.0.3683.103
system: mac os High Sierra, version 10.13.6


“mac os High Sierra” => I will retest this issue on mac os High Sierra. Most of our macOS testing is currently done on the latest version “Mojave”.


Thank your quick response


Are you using non-english input source?
I have same problem before and i found out that it is because i am using Chinese input method. I change back to English then the problem gone


Awesome! yeah the problem gone After i change back to English.