[Recreator Required] Firefox Xmodules not working after update

After yesterday’s updates firefox and the Ui.Vision are not working at all. The XModules are not showing as installed. I have removed and reinstalled firefox and xmodules several times with out success. The Add-on also appears to stop firefox closing in the background, as when I relaunch firefox it responds that is running in the background but not responding

Hi, is this on Windows, Mac or Linux?

Operating system is Windows

Windows 10 or …? And the language is English or… ?

It is English, and prior to the updates to Both Firefox and Xmodules, everything worked very well.

The same issue does not appear to have affected Chrome

Update : Chrome is showing Installed (v1.0.10) not (v1.0.12)

The issue appears to be that when I exit firefox after launch the ui.vision interface, it is not closing the background application. If I exit firefox without going into ui.vision it exits properly.

Add a screencast or screenshot please.

It’s important know if new xmodules working or is bugged.

We tested on English Win 10 and all works well for us. I am especially unsure why only Firefox is affected. Technically these are the same binaries.

So it might be a problem with the UI Vision Firefox extension itself and not the new XModules (@newuserkantu suspects this, too). But we need to recreate it to debug it :roll_eyes:

Admin Xmodules 052019 with Kantu 5.1.9 on firefox ESR 60 working.

I add an image.

When I tried Xmodules 082019-082019a with Kantu 5.2.3 on firefox 69 and firefox ESR 60 in the same machine sometimes the xmodules will not detect (sometimes will be detect and sometimes not), I closed and reopened more times firefox to check this).

I suspect when xmodules 082019 will not detect from Firefox Kantu create a loop and cpu go on 100%.

To verify i suggest you with Kantu for firefox 5.2.3 + xmodules 082019a to create a simple batch file and try to run more times firefox wth a macro that use xmodules and check if sometimes xmodules will not detect and macro failed to start (for my opinion is random the detection).

firefox ESR 60 + kantu 5.1.9 + xmodules 052019 working on windows 7 32 bit italian (no freeze, no cpu 100%)