XClick Not calibrated

I’m trying to do a double click command on a field, but it clicks 2-3 rows lower than what is targeted. I’m targeting the right thing, but when it flashes green (calibrating) the wrong box is clicked. Is there a solution to this or a way to calibrate it?. My command looks like this:

XClick id=00NV7300000_chkbox #doubleclick

Is this on Mac, Linux or Windows? And is it a HiDPI screen?

Does the “DemoXClick” macro work ok?

Hey thanks for the reply. It’s on Windows, non HiDPI screen. And yes, the DemoXClick macro works
Edit: I’m using Chrome btw.

Hi, can you add a screencast of the issue? Or send it directly to us?

Yeah, here’s a quick screen record of what’s happening:

Is there still no solution for that problem?

@jpmin We have not been able to recreate this issue. Do you see it, too? If so, can you add a screencast on how it looks for you?

Important: During the “Green Window Calibration” the browser window must be fully visible (not covered by another window, or be partly off screen).