Angular formGroup doesnt recognise inserted number

Hi guys,
@ulrich @newuserkantu
I want to insert number into my input element, I tried it with “type” or “sendKeys”, value is there but Angular formGroup doesnt recognise it.
When I debug my code, value of my formGroup input is empty. I know we should use XType but I have problem with focusing into my input with XClick. When I want to click into my input (with target as “id=contractNumber”) XClick always clicks 2-3 rows lower than what is targeted, some as there XClick Not calibrated
I am able to click to that input with X,Y coordinates, but this is not perfect soluton for me.
Solution can be also to write value with type/sendkeys and copy and paste it with XType (formGroup value is not empty then), but same problem with XClick as I mentioned before.

Is there any solution/better practise how to write input values into numeric inputs?
Or what I should to do to focus into my elements with XClick ?

When I used protractor I “fixed” this with numbers converted as ascii values. Is this possible with executeScript/executeScript_Sandbox?

Thank you for your help!!!

I think Xtype only can activate field

I have a similar problem with Xclick, usually it click 3 centimeters above the cell.

Usually i prefer do not use Xclick and Xtype.

Will be useful to see the page and try some solution to type the field.

Alternative soltion it, use Click to detect a anchor (a part fixed) and with XTYPE KEY_TAB switch in every field, when you reach your field use Xtype to write content.

Alternative solution use Xclick with image of field (not xpath).

In my opinion Xclick works poorly when there are dark backgrounds during my tests often wrong and selects incorrect fields.