macOS: XClick on image shifted

Since the last update, I have problems with the use of XClick on an image.
Before that clicked well on the element and now it always clicks above the element … while the element seems to be detected (see PJ).
I am on MacOS and I have problems with Chrome and Firefox.
Anyone have a solution to this technical problem?
If I want to XClick on the subscribe button for example, here it detects well but it clicks above the element.

Thanks for the detailed report. We confirmed this issue and plan to fix it with the next update. The strange thing is that this issue “only” shows on the Mac, but not Windows or Linux.

Since the last update

Can you please test with the older UI.Vision RPA for Firefox 5.3.17 and report back if you see the same issue on your machine?

I suggest to use Firefox for the test, since UI.Vision RPA for Firefox is the easiest version to downgrade. You only need to download the XPI installer and drop it onto Firefox.

Thank you for your quick reply.
I tried to downgrade.
I went back to version 5.3.17 on Firefox but the concern is still happening.
The element is well detected in the right place but the click occurs above …
I’m on Firefox 75.0 (64 bit) with macOS Catalina 10.15.4

Were you able to identify the source of the problem?
I noticed that other people on the forum had the same concerns. This prevents me from using my scripts correctly and working.
I remain available to help you resolve this bug.

Yes, same issue as here: XClick Green screen

It seems a recent macOS update broke or changed something. The mysterious thing is that even on Mojave we see the same issue. Of course, we are looking into this. Meanwhile if you or anyone else has another hint, please let us know.

Workaround: Since the issue is related to the calculation of the in-browser coordinates for XClick, the solution is to switch the XClick scope from browser to desktop. The global coordinates are calculated ok.

You can either switch globally in the RPA Vision settings, or on a per macro base with

  • XDesktopAutomation | true
  • XDesktopAutomation | false


Demo: First we run Demo-XClick normally and see the issue, and then we switch to desktop automation mode and all works fine:


Thank you for your answer.
Indeed this workaround works!
Should I leave this ticket open or consider it resolved, or should I wait for a fix to do so?
Thank you so much!

Great to hear that the workaround helps! But since the original issue is still not resolved, lets wait for that. I will update the ticket once we know more.

This issue is fixed with V6.0.5.