List of open bugs

Hello admin but with all the bugs reported in the Forum why not use the time to improve Kantu instead of doing unnecessary work as the change of name that does not help anything?

Kantu has many problems and should be corrected as soon as possible otherwise you can not work because it has dozens of bugs reported in the forum but not resolved by the assistance.

Kantu you can not leave alone to work because it has so many bugs that prevent good automation, read the forum and to notice the many reports of bugs that no one has ever solved.

This also goes to your detriment because companies do not buy kantu with bugs.

We can do both things are the same time, as different people here do different things :wink:

We can’t assign our graphic designer to debug Kantu :smiley:

dozens of bugs

I move this post to the “bug” section. If you can list all the “bugs that bug you”, that will be useful. We have open bugs, but certainly not “dozen” (at least I don’t know about them).

The next update is scheduled in ~2 weeks. We will do our best to fix all open issues that we can recreate.

Dear @admin you have asked me once to list them all and some of them still persist from Nov’18.
Here they are: God I love Kantu, but when enough is enough?
Please forgive my question but is this some kind of strategy to keep users busy instead of keeping busy yourself?
Regardless of you designer being highly productive or not launching migration to another domain just annoys users who seek for a bug free tool not better name.
These kinds of products have high growth from a word of a mouth that’s very hard to do having your work stalled due to constant bugs.
To my mind these actions or being correct the lack of those just harm the product. The great and very demanded product on the market.
With high respect.

@commensal - your old list was really useful. Meanwhile most issues except the really annoying “hang” bug are fixed.

  1. FIXED [error] Invocation of form tabs.get(null, function) doesn’t match definition tabs.get(integer tabId, function callback)
  2. FIXED Kantu in incognito mode: SelectWindow | tab=open | url) opens normal window (NOT incognito)
  3. FIXED How do I change a value in an array?
  4. NOT A BUG, BUT FEATURE (=> scheduled, available in a few weeks) [error] Error in runEval code: Refused to evaluate a string as JavaScript because ‘unsafe-eval’
  5. YEAH, THIS ONE IS STILL OPEN Script freezes unexpectedly with no error written to log. Manual pause/resume brings it back
  6. SAME AS 5 [bugs] Fail to inject in while loop and sometimes freezing of the script
  7. This topic as well. (??)
  8. FIXED [bug] xFile is not installed yet

If there are any other annoying high-prio issues, please list them here.

8 was not fixed a month ago. Haven’t tried it since. Launching Kantu from command line give me a bunch of errors (not only xFile). I’ve reported few of them. [bug] Multiple Kantu windows open on start from command line
And some not. Since it’s so buggy I stopped trying.
Other than listed above in the order of urgency (for me at least) from bugs to features:
a) [bug] Fail to update !timeout_wait
b) [error] Number of columns is inconsistent on line #
c) [bug] Renaming script to other case letters gives an error this macro exists
And this is a bug ^^^ not a feature.
d) [issue #46] XType doesn't seem to work on particular website
e) Overall mess in handling tabs. I’m sure many errors are related to this. Not sure is this is Kantu issue or Chrome. But considering Firefox users reported tabs issues I guess it’s still Kantu’s one.
f) Since you have xModules why not add more support for file handling like delete or modify csv.

On some of the posts on forum you did not respond at all. I’ve spotted many posts were created by @newuserkantu also have not been addressed. All of this give impression of Kantu not bothering with community support.

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I have reported several times bugs in kantu attaching the photos but the assistance does not respond and neither does it read, unfortunately Kantu is full of bugs (it has really so many) and I am forced to return to work with Imacros that works very well, it never blocks and plays well work.

Imacros works me 24 hours a day without problems.

I tried to work with Katalon Recorder and compared with Kantu, Katalon works much better, I didn’t find any of the problems that affect kantu (freeze, command line that does not start macros, kantu is not connected to the tab and many other defects that every day find in Kantu)

If you read the forum, you will find hundreds of kantu bug reports that have never been resolved, what is the use of reporting bugs if assistance does not even read and does not correct them?

I don’t want to advertise to other software but both katalon recorder and imacros work much better than Kantu and allow you to automate and let the pc work without problems, which is impossible with Kantu.

Katalon works much better, I didn’t find any of the problems that affect kantu (freeze, command line that does not start macros, …

Katalon Recorder does not even have a command line! :smiley: And iMacros has not been updated for years, so sooner or later it will stop working.

Seriously, the kantu team asked us to list our most important bugs here so that they can fix it. I think this is very nice of them, and you should take this chance and add your most annoying issues in this thread. Simply saying it has hundreds of bugs does not help them. If you reported bugs in the past, just make a list like user @commensal did and post them here.

For me, kantu works well, no critical bugs to report. But I am waiting for folder support :wink:


I have nothing against Kantu and I would like Kantu to become a perfect software so that I can leave it at work and not have to worry that after a few minutes I find errors and the browser is blocked but today I see so many strange bugs some seem even random because they do not always appear , list the bugs noted with kantu.

Imacros works like a charm, I use firefox portable 56 and I can use it forever and working 24 hours a day without any freeze o bug, it can work for weeks continuously without crashing o freeze.

katalon is similar Kantu but do not show the bugs present in Kantu.

With firefox 66 Kantu working very bad, there are more bugs and incompatibility, now i must use firefox ESR 60 with Kantu because Firefox 66 do not work well with Kantu.

This is my list of bugs which I noticed using kantu that prevent me from automating, some bugs is reported to others user too.

I hit this one often since I use the run command a lot: Global macro timeout is not reset if a child macro errors out

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So far I have not had any bugs except the “hang” issue, which happens on all platforms I’ve tried - OSX with both FF and Chrome, W10 with both FF and Chrome and Ubuntu with FF…

This is quite annoying and I’d like not to rewrite my scripts and stick with Kantu, even would consider the paid version, but this is a dealbreaker.

Any idea when the “hang” bug could be fixed?

“Hang” issue: We are working on it. I am very confident it gets fixed this month. The main thread for this bug is here: [Recreator Required] [BUG] => Test case for debugging needed] Script freezes unexpectedly with no error written to log. Manual pause/resume brings it back