[Issue #531] Bug in kantu but not present in katalon

Hi @admin

I tried katalon is very similar to kantu, it it based on Selenium IDE.

On katalon there is not the bug of “Error #101: Kantu is not connected to a browser tab” It’s possible to run a macro from internal page of firefox without any problem (I tested this).

I runned macro from about:config or about:blank of firefox and the macro run perfectly from any page.

Why kantu do not allow to run macro from a non web page of firefox ?

it is very annoying not to be able to start a macro from any firefox page I hope you can understand how to solve this problem Katalon and apply it to Kantu.


Issue confirmed. Will be fixed :slight_smile:

Thanks @admin for information

Fixed in UI Vision V5.0 :smiley:

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@admin @TechSupport

This bug returned in Ui Vision 5.1.9

I can NOT start macro from internal page of firefox give the message “Kantu is not connected to a browser tab”.

This bug not solved.

Tested with firefox ESR 60 (firefox 68) and Ui Vision 5.1.9.

I retested with the latest Firefox V59 (and V58) and all works fine. See here:

I rested it again

with open command works, i tried

with selectWindow and tab=open do not works

  "Command": "selectWindow",
  "Target": "tab=open",
  "Value": "htt*://google.com/"

If you can try my code please.

usually I use selectWindow and tab=open to run macro in new tab and do not change current tab.


Hmm… I checked with Katalon but it seems they do not support
selectWindow | tab=open | http://google.com/, or?

=> Can you please post a macro that does what you need in Katalon? Because currently I think it is technically impossible (no extension can run on a special page… but maybe I am wrong).

Or you said it used to work in Kantu? If yes, what version? you find all old ones here:


Btw, the original issue you posted was about the OPEN command not working on a special browser page. This issue was fixed and continues to work.

Hi @admin

The title of the post is old, in the past Kantu did not start macros from a non-web page (inside firefox) while katalon succeeded
Today ui vision with the open command starts macros even from non-web pages (internal from the browser) but it is the old title remained in this post.

Unfortunately I have not found a way to start macros from the browser’s internal page by opening a new tab and not even katalon.

The title is old and refers to the period in which Kantu even with the open command could not start macros starting from non-web pages (internal browser pages).

Hmm… why do you not use OPEN? Do you want to keep the current tab content unchanged?

Hi @admin

I use the command to open on a new tab so that at the end of the work the macro closes the used tabs and sends me back to the initial tab. at the end of the work the macro closes the new tabs that opened and the browser remains at the initial state with the last tabs used before starting the macro.

This issue has been solved long time ago.

If anyone still sees the issue, please post a test case that we can run here with the latest Firefox and UI.Vision version. We can only fix bugs that we can recreate.

You can also contact us directly at team AT ui.vision and we can give you access to our test system (e. g. Windows 10 + Firefox 71 or Ubuntu plus Firefox 71) via RDP, Teamviewer or Anydesk, so you can directly recreate the issue on one of our test systems.

This bug is solved with open command.
With the command selectWindow | tab=open | the problem remain but probably the base of Selenium do not allow to use selectWindow | tab=open | in an intenal page of firefox.

But using simple open command the bug is solved.