Release date for .SIDE file importer


Hi to you all,

I just broke into the new world of Kantu and loove it!! I did many tests with selenium ide in the past months and now plan to migrate all my side files to Kantu.

Found an announcement that there will be such a feature soon:

Does anyone know, when this amazing side-file import feature will be released?


It will be available soon :slight_smile: The Selenium IDE 3.6.0 file importer is on our roadmap for the next weeks. The release schedule is (in this order):

  • Folder support
  • executeJavascript and executeJavascript_in_Sandbox
  • .SIDE file importer :point_left:
  • …and many more features after this

Since the Selenium IDE does not support storeEval, but only executeJavascript, we want to add this command first before adding the importer.

List of open bugs

within the next weeks sounds great!! :star_struck: