Run command and variables errors



When I combine with run command parts of macros that have stored variables i see more errors.

How can i combine more macros with variables and launch it with run command without error ?

List of open bugs
How to correctly check errors when running the macro

i see more errors.

“More errors?” What kind of errors? Do you have a test macro?

Variables declared in one macro should be visible within the macros called by RUN (and vice versa). But of course, maybe there is a bug somewhere.



When I use run command i see more errors like timeout (i setted a long timeout but will not respected) and other errors after macro finish.

Try to split a macro with stored variables in some part and run it inside another macro, it load but give more errors.

In some cases I also saw 50 errors at the end of the macro.

I splitted a macro in 5 part every part have stored vars and storeeval javascript and command to fill form, i combine it inside a new macro and give me more errors (after end the macro) or timeout error with a long timeout.

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Can you please retest this with V5.0?


Yes, next days i test again and inform about the result.