XClickRelative not working. Mouse cursor always off about an inch

I tried to use this command today and every time it would find the image but the “Click” is off about an inch. Here is a link to a video I did showing what it does off the XClick demo.

I’m using Windows and it’s not a HiDPI screen. Also I’m using Chrome.
DemoXClick does not work

Edit: I forgot to mention that this happens with Xclick command too.

Open to suggestions. Thanks!

It seems “only” the Y-coordinate shifted, and the X value is accurate.

At least in the screencast that Chrome is maximized. Maybe this is causing this? And have you tried if it is the same issue with Firefox?

So it does the same thing in Firefox. I also tested it with Chrome not being maximized and that didn’t help either. But the good news is I fixed it.

I switched it over to Desktop Automation instead of Browser Automation and it works now

Great solution/workaround!