XClick Not calibrated

I’m trying to do a double click command on a field, but it clicks 2-3 rows lower than what is targeted. I’m targeting the right thing, but when it flashes green (calibrating) the wrong box is clicked. Is there a solution to this or a way to calibrate it?. My command looks like this:

XClick id=00NV7300000_chkbox #doubleclick

Is this on Mac, Linux or Windows? And is it a HiDPI screen?

Does the “DemoXClick” macro work ok?

Hey thanks for the reply. It’s on Windows, non HiDPI screen. And yes, the DemoXClick macro works
Edit: I’m using Chrome btw.

Hi, can you add a screencast of the issue? Or send it directly to us?

Yeah, here’s a quick screen record of what’s happening:

Is there still no solution for that problem?

@jpmin We have not been able to recreate this issue. Do you see it, too? If so, can you add a screencast on how it looks for you?

Important: During the “Green Window Calibration” the browser window must be fully visible (not covered by another window, or be partly off screen).

similar issue here, still no solution?

WebPage: https://cfdiau.sat.gob.mx/nidp/wsfed/ep?id=SATUPCFDiCon&sid=0&option=credential&sid=0
I tried with another computer and works fine, I don’t see why this doesn’t
`XDesktopAutomation | false`
`XClick | xpath=//*[@id="divCaptcha"]/img | #right`
`XDesktopAutomation | true`

Hi, are you using the latest XModule version 2020-9b (the “b” is important!)?

This should fix it. If not, please open a new forum post and we will investigate it.

I did a fresh installation and the error persists :confused:

@trexem Ok. Can you please record a screen video of the situation and post it here?

I did, i added it to the previous response

Did a workaround with executeScript | "code below" | coords

function getElementByXpath(path) {
return document.evaluate(path, document, null, XPathResult.FIRST_ORDERED_NODE_TYPE, null).singleNodeValue;
a = getElementByXpath("/html/body/main/div/div/div[1]/form/div[4]/label[2]/img");
b = a.getBoundingClientRect();
x = b.x + b.width/2;
y = b.y + b.height/2 + 70; "70 is the height in pixels of the navigate bar of chrome

return x.toString() + “,” + y.toString();

and XClick | ${coords}

Is you view scaled? If so, you have to use the physical X,Y not the scaled X,Y.

no, it is not scaled

Yes, that is strange. I confirmed the problem here on one machine as well, while on another it works fine. => We are investigating this further.

70 is the height in pixels of the navigate bar of chrome

Confirmed. If it happens, the Y-shift is the height of the menu/nav bar of the browser. X is not affected.

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Just to have all info in one place, here are other forum posts about the same issue:

Good news: This issue is fixed with V6.0.5.

Note that the “green calibration screen” no longer appears with this update. We changed the calibration to a different and faster method.