UI.Vision RPA V5.3.7 available

What’s new: https://ui.vision/rpa/home/whatsnew

  • The new UI.Vision RPA for Firefox version is available <= Click link to download

  • The Chrome update is delayed because the Google Chrome extension store established a new approval process for extensions that request powerful permissions.Now there is a queue with a backlog of extensions waiting to be manually reviewed, and UI.Vision RPA for Chrome is inside it.


Read here please

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Why is the function “setProxy” for Firefox without socks authentication support?

And no new source code under https://github.com/A9T9/Kantu is available, why!?

Here are the instructions depending if you are on chrome or firefox:


This is no official source code. Only release files.

Hi @admin I somehow have v5.3.7 in at least 2 of our Chrome installs.And it seems closeBrowser=1 isn’t working

Hi everyone! The announcement thread is the wrong place to post these questions, as it will become very messy quickly. For each (new) question, please open a forum topic and we will reply ASAP.

Update: Meanwhile V5.3.8 is available (minor update)