Using open source version with xmodules


First, really amazing product, thanks!

The issue: I am currently using the open source version from to add a few custom features for our testing. However, I would like to also use the XModules support. However, when I try to use them together, the source version doesn’t seem to load the xmodules or use it. I modified the file before running the installation in order to add the extension url for the built-from-source version into the allowed-origins list. Is there a corresponding set of extension urls within xmodules which would limit their access? I wasn’t even sure how to call the xmodules “xclick” command as it’s not in the source code and fails the check against availableCommands in editor.js, so I was curious whether there was something the kantu-xy-host executable was doing to modify the extension or how that was loaded? Also I had installed only the kantu-xy-host and skipped the other two for now - is it necessary they all are installed in order to function? Or is there a different source tree for the version which works with xmodules as the open source version doesn’t even have the tab?

Thanks for your help!

Hi, what kind of custom features do you plan to add?

The procedure that you describe is correct. But the source code in the repo is not the latest version, I guess this is causing the issue. We will update it soon. If you need it earlier, please write to us directly.

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Just an update for others reading this: If you need the latest and greatest version of the UI.Vision core source code, please email us and we can send it to you.

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Why no official update under your github?