Error #101 Solution

"Error #101: UI.Vision RPA is not connected to a browser tab.” happens if you try to play a web page related command like

  • Click
  • Type
  • executeScript

while the UIvision IDE is not connected to a tab with real website loaded inside it.

:point_right: Not a real browser page/tab are special browser tab such as:

  • the Google “New tab” tab (as seen in the screenshot and video below)
  • Chrome settings chrome://settings/
  • Extension page chrome://extensions/

On such pages UI.Vision can not run web page commands.
But commands that do not need a website to work continue to work fine e. g.

  • If… else… end
  • store
  • XClick
  • executeScript**_Sandbox**
  • Open (it does not need a web page, because it loads one by itself)
  • …and many more!

Video example (taken from "Open" function logs out of site using some computers - #9 by admin)

By design OPEN works even if there is a “non-web page” such as the start page open in the browser because it loads a website by itself. By contrast the executeScript command needs an already open web page to work since technically this command runs inside the website.

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To clarify this further: There are two key categories when the error 101 happens:

(1) “User Error” - this happens when you want to run a web page command while a non-web page (e. g. the Google New Page Tab or chrome://settings/) is open. This does not work, and the error tells you this. Starting with the next update, the error#101 message will link to this forum post to explain this to the users that see this error.

(2) Bug: :frowning: It seems we have times when a web page is open in the browser, and you still get this error. I guess this happens when (for whatever reason, could be a bug) UIVision can not access the website. If this happens, please report it in this forum thread: [Recreator required] Error #101 - Unsolved mysteries Ideally you can describe how we can recreate this error or at least add a screencast of the issue. Once we can recreate the issue we will it asap.

For case 2
This error often happens in this case, I start a macro, stop it (stop) to make a code correction, I modify the code from the ui vision json interface, then I execute a ui vision command (execute this command) and it often shows that ui vision is no longer connected to the tab, but until a few seconds ago it was executing the macro perfectly. I never understood why when I interrupt the execution of a macro and modify the macro code ui vision loses control of the tab.

This happens to me with macros that have a long code, while I seem to see that with very short macros it does not happen, to solve I have to manually reload the tab and after ui vision re-controls the tab and I can execute the commands again (execute this command ).

However, error occurs in many other cases that seem random.

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Workaround: use selectWindow immediately before the step causing the break

I deleted all cookies + website data for the page in question and closed Then I open a new, blank tab (in Firefox) and start ui vision. The macro does:
open URL
The later command yields #101. Then I inserted
selectWindow tab=0
in between these commands and repeat the preparation steps. The result is that both latter commands err to #101 (I have !errorignore=true). I need to manually put a pause 3000 after the open URL and then there is no error on either. So I have not found a way to really make sure that a web page finished loading (I don’t want to go visual).

Can anyone please explain how to fix this issue? It is extremely disruptive and desperating. Even if I ahve all my browsers closed, open a fresh new one adn load a page, open UI vision and run a script I get this error. On some other times, the script gets connected to whichever tab it feels like despite anything I do. The amount of time I have wasted trying to fight this “feature” is unbelievable

@Pablo_Gonzalez Can you please post a video of the issue? Hopefully we can then see what is going wrong. Ideally the video shows both, UIvision and the browser.

@admin, I have the same issue, just uploaded the video of the issue
Note: It behaves the same, whatever website link it is

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it happens randomly. But easier than that would be that someone please explains exactly how you manage to connect the script to the specific tab that you need. I have not been able to find it anywhere. Thanks

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Also same problem… Could not believe that can demage whole automation… I’m opening 30 tab manually. After that,starting macro and finding text, store to csv and fuction tab=close, it supposed to continue work on another tab. It shows error #101. So after hard work, excel vba made for this macro, I need to start all again on another program. Perfect.

@esc_print Can you also show a video of the situation? Does it happen always in your case?

This has been a long existing problem. I observe it occurring at random on tabs where I have already run macro’s successfully. The error occurs before any macro code is executed, so it does not matter what is in the macro. Select Window will not fix the problem because again, it occurs before any macro code is executed. If I simple call the macro again, that is often sufficient to get the macro to run. I would say this error occurs almost 25% of the time I call macros. I don’t think the error is related to some of the explanations above. The error must be in the UIVision code and not in user macros.

@NWM It this about the #101 error? Please see my reply Error #101 Solution - #5 by admin for details.

If you think you found a bug, can you provide a video or at least screenshot of the situation?

i got this error 101 several times… on chrome latest version 101.0.4951.64 (Official Build) (64-bit) & windows 10

the solution is close the browser and reopen it… (this is on real desktop)

update: i cant run ui vision on chrome at virtualbox windows 10 OS. always got #101 error UI.Vision RPA is not connected to a browser tab
tried close and open browser several times… still got 101 error.

I’m still getting the 101 error after the 7.0.13 upgrade, unfortunately. But now also on tabs that previously were okay (tab=0). Here are my work arounds so far that seem to work…

  • turn off all windows and app notifications e.g. reminders to update. These interrupt the focus and can cause a #101
  • refresh every page before using (previously I was scrapping the dynamic page as it updated regularly)
  • place a pause after every refresh and waitforpagetoload.
  • place a 500ms pause after every tab change
  • before running script refresh every page and click 3 tabs to ensure is latching onto the correct window and tabs
  • don’t do any real user actions on any browser windows while the script is running. Even if there are no Xclick commands.

Not all of the above may be needed with 7.0.13.

The real winner command has been adding the bring browser to the foreground command to every cycle. My code has now passed the 48 hour mark. I’m happy, happy, happy after weeks of trying workarounds including different computers, browsers and OS.

The extension is starting to have a big memory footprint (2.8Gb) and combined processes are sitting at 92% of memory. So it probably will fall over soon. But I’m happy.

  • bringBrowsertoForegound

This is very interesting. Maybe Chrome slows done if not in foreground? We will keep this info in mind!

I realise this could be a ‘false positive’ on the bring browser to Foreground command. I went through my code and compared line by line with the previous version and found a Pause 2000 after I transferred to a tab with Whatsapp. This could also be the cause of my good fortune.

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Yes, this could be it!