Error #101 Solution

"Error #101: UI.Vision RPA is not connected to a browser tab.” happens if you try to play a web page related command like

  • Click
  • Type
  • executeScript

while the UIvision IDE is not connected to a tab with real website loaded inside it.

:point_right: Not a real browser pag/tab are special browser tab such

  • the Google “New tab” tab
  • Chrome settings chrome://settings/
  • Extension page chrome://extensions/

On such pages UI.Vision can not run web page commands.
But commands that do not need a website to work continue to work fine e. g.

  • If… else… end
  • store
  • XClick
  • executeScript**_Sandbox**
  • Open (it does not need a web page, because it loads one by itself)
  • …and many more!

Video example (taken from "Open" function logs out of site using some computers - #9 by admin)

By design OPEN works even if there is a “non-web page” such as the start page open in the browser because it loads a website by itself. By contrast the executeScript command needs an already open web page to work since technically this command runs inside the website.

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To clarify this further: There are two key categories when the error 101 happens:

(1) “User Error” - this happens when you want to run a web page command while a non-web page (e. g. the Google New Page Tab or chrome://settings/) is open. This does not work, and the error tells you this. Starting with the next update, the error#101 message will link to this forum post to explain this to the users that see this error.

(2) Bug: :frowning: It seems we have times when a web page is open in the browser, and you still get this error. I guess this happens when (for whatever reason, could be a bug) UIVision can not access the website. If this happens, please report it in this forum thread: [Recreator required] Error #101 - Unsolved mysteries Ideally you can describe how we can recreate this error or at least add a screencast of the issue. Once we can recreate the issue we will it asap.

For case 2
This error often happens in this case, I start a macro, stop it (stop) to make a code correction, I modify the code from the ui vision json interface, then I execute a ui vision command (execute this command) and it often shows that ui vision is no longer connected to the tab, but until a few seconds ago it was executing the macro perfectly. I never understood why when I interrupt the execution of a macro and modify the macro code ui vision loses control of the tab.

This happens to me with macros that have a long code, while I seem to see that with very short macros it does not happen, to solve I have to manually reload the tab and after ui vision re-controls the tab and I can execute the commands again (execute this command ).

However, error occurs in many other cases that seem random.

Workaround: use selectWindow immediately before the step causing the break

I deleted all cookies + website data for the page in question and closed Then I open a new, blank tab (in Firefox) and start ui vision. The macro does:
open URL
The later command yields #101. Then I inserted
selectWindow tab=0
in between these commands and repeat the preparation steps. The result is that both latter commands err to #101 (I have !errorignore=true). I need to manually put a pause 3000 after the open URL and then there is no error on either. So I have not found a way to really make sure that a web page finished loading (I don’t want to go visual).