Error #101: Kantu is not connected to a browser tab (Chromium)

Hi all

Ex imacros user here, swapped over to Kantu a few weeks ago and find it much nicer to work with

I’m running Chromium 70.0.3538.110 on Ubuntu Xenial, with Kantu v3.5.5.

One tab open, Kantu running with a macro, and I’m getting the error on quite a few websites I have automated:

Error #101: Kantu is not connected to a browser tab

The tab is selected, literally nothing else is running within the browser and the machine isn’t being used. I’ve closed the browser, cleared the cache, rebooted and still get the error message randomly, whether it’s at the start of the macro, middle or near the end. I’ve checked the programming, and it’s all clean/tidy.

I’m trying to work out what is causing it, to either get a workround, or a fix via programming my macros. I’m assuming it’s lost connection to the tab somehow. I’ve also had an error about heartbeat lost(?)

I did try a real old version of kantu (loaded unpacked into Chromium) and that had no issues

Any help will be appreciated

Thanks for the report. The challenge for us is to recreate the issue.

  • Can you please test if you see the same issue with Chrome (not Chromium)?

  • Does it also happen with the included demo macros?

Tested with the demo macros, and happens with those as well when it’s having a hissy fit, it is definitely random. The way I’ve got around it today is grabbed a tab into a new window, and run kantu from there (seemed to like it). From what I can tell, it generally happens with symbol characters within the web title, could be totally coincidence

Can confirm also had the same with chrome (running chrome on a chromebook)

Tested with my Mac (High Sierra), same issue on Chromium and Chrome, although with Vivaldi it hasn’t happened yet

Managed to get a screenshot, it’s happening with the demo macros

Wondered if you managed to reproduce the error? It’s been happening every day now

We are not sure if we managed to reproduce this specific error yet. But can you please try our new beta version:

It contains a few tab related fixes and changes. Please let me know if this fixes “your” issue as well, or not.

I was getting this error with one Macro. I discovered that I used Click instead of ClickandWait. Once I changed to ClickandWait I stopped getting the error.

Please see Error #101 Solution