[Recreator required] Error #101 - Unsolved mysteries

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Please post here if you encounter the error #101 while you do have a web page open in the browser. We will fix any of these errors that we can recreate ASAP.

I don’t understand the meaning of this post, what’s the solution?

This error happens randomly while running macros so I don’t see any solution because it happens randomly without precise rules.

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I’m with @newuserkantu on this one. I get this error regularly for no apparent reason. Ui.Vision absolutely is connected to a browser tab and since I set !errorIgnore to true at the beginning of every test case, the case will often continue running and interacting with the very real browser tab. It will “click,” “type,” and “select” just fine immediately after the error appears. I am including a photo of the logs when the error appears, gets ignored, and continues to do things it “should not” be able to do.

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I am having a related issue. When I try and up a new webpage, uivision does not recognize when the page is loaded and timesout unless I use !errorignore, or I get Error #101 - regardless of what type of webpage I open first in my script using the “open” command. When I try opening the macro URL from command line with an extra startup page, I get an invalid tab error.

If I use !errorignore the script continues/opens the page and interacts fine with xmodules (the same page it doesn’t know it loaded). If I need to identify another tab by its title then it times out and cannot find the tab. This is only happening with one of my Firefox accounts, and none of my chrome accounts.


@newuserkantu @Amanda @GearlessJoe Do you have a test macro or screencast for us to recreate the issue?

No because this bug is random, the same bug is present in Katalon Recorder, i think is a native selenium core bug