Error #101 Solution

After my code ran for 48 hours I had 4 days where I couldn’t get it to run for more than 10-20 minutes. And that is the same code! I was going nuts. I then tweaked it with a lot of pauses, slowed the execution, etc. - with no joy.

But then I found it was my startup sequence that did it. If I got an error, the error would show again in a few minutes, unless I did this simple sequence. I now do it every time and it’s been several days with my code running 12 hours+. I then stop it manually and restart it with the same below sequence…

  1. close UI.Vision RDP
  2. Chrome > Manage extension (right click on UI icon) > disable, then enable
  3. open UI.Vision RDP
  4. refresh every tab; return to tab=0
  5. start macro

it works every time


Interesting. This points to something not getting cleared correctly.

Over the last 2-3 weeks I’ve started to get this error again. Not very often, but it’s surfaced again. The code stops during an executeScript command and is not immediately after a tab change.

The only clue I have is that I find another tab has a ‘no internet’ warning screen on it. But I can’t say that accounts for every occassion.

When I am checking the browser tabs there is no internet problem (presumably it was brief) and I can refresh the tab

It’s easy to replicate. Disconnect internet and reload tab. I get a #101 error. The ‘no internet’ is a blank chrome page with nothing to detect by my script. Is there any way forward with this type of scenario?

The executeScript command runs inside the website, so it fails on the Chrome internal “no internet” page.

Can you use executeScript_Sandbox instead?

You could also switch to desktop automation and detect an image of the dinosaur, then make the macro wait until the internet is back again?