Xmove clicks on the wrong area of the screen. Issue only with Mac, works fine in Windows

Hello @admin,

Scenario: I am trying to Drag and Drop a pic from X location to Y location.
I am using XMOVE to achieve this. Step1, I select the X location from where the pic is to be moved, Step2 i determine the Y location followed by move to the Y location. Now the issue is, the above steps works perfectly fine in Windows sytem. But when i run the same steps in Mac, the tool is trying to click outside the Xlocation. Video recording of both Windows and Mac below. Please Advice



This is the known “y-shift” issue.

Workaround from Tech Support in this post: macOS: XClick on image shifted

Thanks for the screen video - that is always very helpful.

@ulrich is correct! This is the same issue as described here: XClick Not calibrated

We are working on a fix for this. In the meantime the workaround with desktop automation will solve the problem.

Thank you @ulrich @admin for the workaround. We will try with the workaround meanwhile we get a fix for the issue.