XClickRelative does not click

Hey all,

I’m using XClickRelative to select a check box. The check box is correctly found but not clicked. Any idea what the problem is?

(The second check box in the table on the top left is indicated)

Thats the screenshot:

Thanks in advance.

So the goal is to click the first (top) checkbox, right?

First a test that XClick itself works ok on your machine: If you run Demo-XClick the macro works ok?

Yes the first one with an ID next to it.

The Demo-XClick does not work well. It clicks around 50 px to high at all times.

Im running it on a MacBook Air 2019 with Chrome and Firefox (tried both). Also Im using Ui.Vision 5.20

Thanks so far.

This seems to be the same issue as here (Windows machine!): XClickRelative not working. Mouse cursor always off about an inch

Workaround: Use desktop mode

We are trying to recreate the issue, but on our test all works fine. So any hint on what might be different with the “y-shifted” machines is welcome.