Xmodules Windows Installer, Version 2019-8 on firefox do not work

Hi @admin

I updated Xmodules Windows Installer, Version 2019-8 it is installed on windows 7 32 bit

I update kantu firefox addons to the latest version V5.2.3

But firefox do not detect installed xmodules.

I reboted some times, once firefox had detected the new xmodules after closing firefox and reopening disappeared again and indicates that it is not installed

There are problem in xmodules new and firefox.

I add an image with the image of xmodules Version 2019-8 installed and kantu updated and the not recognized message.

I use firefox 67 and firefox EXR 60, with old version of xmodules and kantu there are not problem.

Fix this please


Restarting many times rarely kantu detects the presence of xmodules but almost always does not detect installed xmodules.

With the same browser, previous versions of the xmodules work perfectly.

I also found firefox several times blocked I do not know if it depends on this incompatible with xmodules but not even firefox works well since I installed the new xmodules.


I downgrade to old xmodules and old kantu firefox addons and working well.

@admin @TechSupport


Check this bug please I added the images.


I tested on Windows 7, 32 bit, German, latest Firefox => Works!

Note that I used ui.vision-xmodules-setup-v201908a.exe - which is a newer version of the installer. Can you please try again with this version? You find it on the download page.


Hi @admin

I downloaded the new xmodules ui.vision-xmodules-setup-v201908 a .exe

I try it and inform you about the result.


Hi @admin

The new xmodules show the same bug.

Firefox after some minutes crash and cpu go on 100%

I use Kantu from the first time in firefox portable in virtualbox, old version working, the new version 201908 and 201908a for me do not work

I add an image, this is the new version installed in firefox portable 69 in windows 7 Italian.

Old version of Kantu working in the same configuration without any problem.

Sometimes xmodules will be dected, but sometimes do not detect but the problem is CPU 100% the firefox is fresh and new.

I think the problem (a probably loop) can be in firefox kantu addons 5.2.3 because if I use firefox kantu addon 5.2.3 with old xmodules give me same bug, to not have bug i must use firefox Kantu addon 5.1.9 + xmodules v201905.

I use in the same OS and pc Firefox, Kantu and xmodules.

Thanks for help.


I downgrade in the same firefox and same OS (same pc) and now working

Now i use firefox 69, kantu addon 5.1.9, xmodule 052019 and working

Kantu detect xmodules (3 part), cpu is 1%, never firefox crash, now working.

Look image is the same browser of preceding image, with kantu firefox addons 5.1.9 and xmodules 05-2019 working all, cpu 1%, no crash, no bug.

This is strange. I tested again with Firefox Portable 69.0.1 and everything works fine. =>

Does your Win 7 have all the recent updates?

If yes, can you test on a second machine and see if you have the same issue there, too?

Here another similar case

For me It’s the same OS and firefox used with old Kantu.

I do not have any recent update of OS it’s the same OS used with old Kantu and Xmodules.

If others users have the same bugs there are a problem in new firefox kantu addons 5.2.3 and xmoduiles 08-2019

Downgrade Kantu and xmodules working all, it’s the latest update of firefox kantu addons and xmodules.


Thanks for the hint… the tricky question is why it works in my test. At the moment that bug is very strange.

admin you are perfectly right because it does not work I do not know, if I can understand some more information I write, at the moment I’m using firefox portable ESR 60.8.0esr and kantu for firefox 5.1.9 and xmodules 052019 and works. Firefox has not stuck once and the cpu takes 1%.

Thanks again for reporting this issue! The problem is fixed now with V5.3.17 :partying_face: