Ui vision RPA shortcut with keyboard

Hi @admin

I suggest you to create some shortcut to activate some function this can can helpful when you are in the browser and you have not ui vision windows in front.

A command to start or pause current selected macro will be helpful (it’s inconvenient to use browser bookmarks because you need to save each macro first)

A fast way to execute some command without using ui vision window.

I recommend adding at least

  • start current macro
  • pause current macro
  • stop current macro
  • open ui vision windows

And others if possible,

During creation macro is hard for every command reopen ui vision windows, execute command and return in the browser.



Can you tell me if it’s a good idea this and if it will be added in the next updates

Thank you

Adding basic shortcut support is on our todo list. But I am not sure when we can start working on it. Meanwhile here is a good workaround (I think):

PS: Actually, I noticed you are already aware of this solution. Does it not work for you? If so, why?

Hi @admin

Thanks for reply, I use bookmarks but i can not start it with keyboard, I need for every bookmarks open menu bookmarks in browser and select bookmarks to run (manually).

I tryed addon for firefox shortkeys but I still can’t start a macro with the keys.

Ui vision windows is big, will be appreciate a solution to have minimal command without put in fornt ui vision windows that override part of screen and browser,


Have you tried to other shortcuts in Shortkeys to see if the issue is with that add on?

I do not know other Shortkeys manager for firefox

I can not run macro with keyboard with firefox

No, meaning setup a keyboard shortcut in Shorkeys to just open google.com and see if it works so we can see where the issue is

My request in the post is a keyboard solution to run macro and pause macro, and at this time there is not a solution.

I do not find any working solution at this moment.

Another idea: On Windows, there is also the option to trigger macros with global shortcut keys.