Activating bookmarks

Hello community,

I have been using the Chrome extension Shortkeys to activate my Kantu macros. Recently, this stopped working. Both extensions are working fine on their own, it is only getting them to work together that is failing.

Is anyone out there using something else to make Kantu keyboard friendlier?

Wow, this is a really useful tool! Indeed, if you use the “Open bookmark/bookmarklets” option with a kantu bookmarklet, it does not work (I am not sure why).

But if you select Run Javascript as “Behavior” in the options and copy and paste the bookmarklet code in the Javascript box - it works great.

run kantu via shortcuts

The kantu bookmarklet code is always the same, only the name of the macro changes.

With storageMode: 'browser' (or xfile) you can tell kantu where the macro is stored. And closeKantu: true (or false) decides if kantu is closed after the bookmark macro is completed.

Bookmarklet code:

javascript:(function() {try {var evt = new CustomEvent('kantuRunMacro', {detail: {name: 'XXXXX_MACRO_NAME_HERE_XXXXX',from: 'bookmark',storageMode: 'browser',closeKantu: true}});window.dispatchEvent(evt);} catch (e) {alert('Kantu Bookmarklet error: ' + e.toString());}})();

PS: On Windows there is also the option to trigger macros with global shortcut keys.

Thank you very much!

I now see that this was a change to the way Shortkeys handles bookmarklets in general (or a change to how Chrome allows it to activate them), as other Shortkeys users are reporting it on the GitHub page.

I’m very glad to have this up and running again!

I tried this addons with firefox without success.

Someone can try Shortkeys for firefox and try to run kantu Macros please ?

I search a solution to run Kantu macros with Shortkeys for firefox.


Bookmarklet code

javascript:(function() {try {var evt = new CustomEvent(‘kantuRunMacro’, {detail: {name: ‘XXXXX_MACRO_NAME_HERE_XXXXX’,from: ‘bookmark’,storageMode: ‘browser’,closeKantu: true}});window.dispatchEv

Can I pass an argument with this? Let’s say current active tab url?

I figured if called macro runs in active tab so I can perform any javascript with storeEval so I can grab an url.