UI.Vision RPA is not connected to browser tab appears in version 7.0.11

When I run my macro

a. in chrome
b. from a bookmark shortcut
c. that calls subs scripts with “run”

I see this error now in version 7.0.11 when the script tries to click on a button. It’s not consistent but happes around every other time.
Not sure that is important but when the script finishes is shows me always “[error][ignored]
token expired”

Do you get this error always or “only” sometimes?

I tested by calling “#DemoCsvReadWithWhile.rpa” from a bookmark and all runs fine.

I see this error now. It does not happen always but quite often. Thanks for reporting this!

Yes this issue is not consistent but happens almost every other time.
I’m so glad you see that error, too :slight_smile:

Hi, Do we have an updated on this? I still see the “RPA is not connected to tab” sometimes on macros with a longer run.
Thank you.