Where can I download Kauntu 6.3.3

Hi, I would like to download the older version of Kantu 6.3.3 for testing. Is there a link where I can download that version?

Thank you
Hendrik Kupfernagel

Here old version of ui vision


I don’t see there 6.3.3. They only have 6.2.8.
But I need 6.3.3

Why 6.3.3? That was a beta version that is not in the archive.

Because that uses already the new Chrome Manifest V3. I want to find out if this program version is already unstable as currently version 7 and 8 regarding running scripts longer than 3 minutes which me and other experiencing and described in these posts:

That sounds interesting. I will check with development if we still have it somewhere.

6.3.3_0.zip (2.5 MB)
Not sure if the attached helps or not. But it is v6.3.3 that I use in Chrome. I install it in developer mode.

Thank you very much. I will give it it a try to find out if that runs more consistent on chrome that the 8 version.