UI Vision is slow on Firefox since last major update

Hi all,

Since the last Firefox update(9.x.x), the running of macros is much slower.
Even when running in FAST, is feels more like the MEDIUM of before (6.x.x).

I did check that the mode is still fast and added FAST to !replayspeed.

Any clue or fix planned ?

V9 is the first Firefox version that uses the new "manifest V3 "(MV3) extension API. This new format has some benefits but it also it forces us to do some things more complicated internally, thus the slower replay speed. It is the same issue that we had with Chrome and Edge when we updated the extension from MV2 to MV3

Having said this, performance improvements are on our todo list for some of the next upgrades. If you encounter a certain command that is especially slow, please let us know and we can then prioritize working on this command.

Already now you can increase the replay speed by using store | NODISPLAY | !replayspeed. It hides the GUI updates and makes the macro replay much faster. You can also use it only for some parts of the macro, and then switch back to the normal FAST mode for other parts.

Hi, thanks for the answer and the tips.

Most notably the commands “Select” and “type” seem much slower than before.

How and where do I use this store | NODISPLAY | !replayspeed feature? I am not a programmer!!! Can someone tell me how to run my macros this way?? Thanks

@Bruno you can insert this statement anywhere in your macro. For example, it can be the very first statement of your macro:


What this statement does is that it runs the following steps in FAST replay plus turns off any user interface update. This saves time and improves the performance further (= macro runs faster than FAST).

If you want to make certain sections of your macro visible while running, then add
store | fast | !replayspeed before that section. This statement turns the NODISPLAY statement off and shows the GUI updates again.