How to increase speed to be faster than "FAST"

Hi. I made a script to checklist all friend on Facebook. Running good, except the speed.

I did:

  • set the speed to “FAST”
  • set no display
  • set no log

But still so slow as the video below:

Is there a way make it as fast as imacros?
Like this :

Thank you :blush:



This is more fast but disable ui vision gui

Yes… I’ve used it, bro…
No changes.
Still slow…

To speed up ui vision use a newly installed browser (I use firefox portable) and then disable the images with an extension.

Ui vision is slower than Imacros because imacros used 1 line for each command while ui vision has many more lines for each command and when scrolling through the commands it takes much longer

I have verified that the browser becomes slower and slower as it is used because it continually increases in size, therefore using a new browser just installed (or portable) offers maximum speed