Setting Proxy And Socks Via kantu search a simple solution


Is there anyone who has created a macro to set up proxy and socks with Kantu?

You can tell me codes because I find it very difficult with desktop automation succeed in this also requires many commands.

I remember that in Imacros with the simple proxy command was set with 1 command the proxy without having to use many commands (to open the Addons, click on the desktop, select the menus) for desktop automation as is done in Kantu.

Do you have any suggestions for setting up proxy and socks in Firefox with Kantu in a simple way?

Thank you

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You mean proxy and socks with authentication?
Because setProxy is available since the newest version in Firefox and in the last beta for Chrome but without socks authentication, only http authentication in Firefox. All other solutions are not really “simple” like build your own proxy addon.

I use setProxy without a problem. => What does not work for you?

Socks with authentication (socks5 with user+pass) in Firefox with Kantu.

V5.3.10: Authentication (socks5 with user+pass) is now available in UI.Vision RPA for Firefox (Password support is Firefox only because Chrome does not support socks5 authentication

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