Running Kantu from PowerShell

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I have successfully got PowerShell to run my Kantu script with: *& “C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe” file:///$Location\Get_Simple_History.html?direct=1 *
# Change the site access in chrome extension

However, there are a few quality of life improvements that I have that I am unsure how to do or if they are possible with PowerShell or Kantu:

  1. To run Kantu minimised or on the tray without using a 3rd party program as running a semi/automated PowerShell script in the background causes Kantu itself to open for the duration of the script.

  2. Run the script through a chrome shortcut so that I can run my Kantu scripts as different people with their unique download paths (I am aware of Chrome Canary, and am currently using it as one additional download path setter)

Thanks in advance

For question 1 is not possibile, kantu windows go on fron when you run, xclick and xtype do not work with browser minimized. It0s necessary to have Kantu in front to work.

I do not use powershell because it’s slowly and hard to edit, I prefer batch file is more easy to edit and 100% compatibile with windows sp1 without any update.

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Thanks for the reply,

I was more talking about the program Kantu itself running minimised rather than the browser. However, do you believe it would be possible for Kantu to run with the browser minimised if you do not use X-click commands? (I cannot use X-click anyway as I have multiple monitors which breaks most of the X-commands).

For my opinion Kantu can NOT run minimized, you can try to run kantu non minimized and with xtype press Key windows + D to minimize but i do not know if this solution can work.

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Kantu seemed to work just fine minimised with: {KEY_WIN+KEY_D} though it kinda minimises everything which could be worse. I can't find any documentation on how to send a space bar press as {KEY_SPACE} or {KEY_SP} is not working so I cannot use {KEY_ALT+KEY_SPACE+KEY_N} which minimises the current page.

Key space is not supported, we wait from 6 months this features and more others features (like peoxy support)

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The UI Vision interface should work fine when it is minimized, but so far we never paid attention that it stays minimized. That is on our todo list.

Chrome shortcut: Have you seen the run from bookmark feature? I think that does what you need, or?

KEY_SPACE, multiple monitor support + proxy support is on our todo list for the October/November update (plus other features, of course)


I think I have found the answers to my questions, thanks all for the help and suggestions.

Question 1. So I found the XType ${Key_Esc+KEY_Alt} which doesn’t minimise it, however, it will send the window to the back of all other windows. In conjunction with select window TAB=CLOSE and running XType twice, Kantu sets itself and chrome to the back of all windows and close itself fully in the background.

Question 2. To run a script normally in PowerShell to defultly call your generic chrome and Kantu script you run: & “C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe” “file:\\C:\Kantu\yo.html?direct=1”

However, if you need to open chrome as a unique person’s Chrome for a separate download path or any other reason, you can right-click on a person’s chrome shortcut click properties (1) and copy the target directory and use that with the chrome.exe part of the script (I.e. & “C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe” --profile-directory=“Profile 1” “file:\\C:\Kantu\yo.html?direct=1” ), which will load your script in that person’s chrome instance. (Assuming you have installed Kantu in that chrome instance and have Jasoned the Macro across).