xClick and sendkeys sipport the Space button bar?


With xClick and sendkeys is possible to simulate the space button ${KEY_SPACE} ?

What are the methods to click the button space ?


KEY_SPACEBAR will be available with the next XModule update (plus many other features, of course)

Thanks @admin this is a good feature.

Have a nice day

HI @admin

Any news for KEY SPACE button ?

It is a solution to click some checkbox when it’s hard to detect with click and XClick


We plan to have this in our November XModule update.

As workaround for now, maybe a XClickRelative click will help?


A good way to click checkbox is select it and click space bar.

In some sites click and xclick can fail because sometimes the are checkbox inside frame with dynamic name.

The problem using image recognizing is the responsive mobile site that change the layout and image recognizion fail.

Recently i found a site that sometimes report “no rect data returned” and can not read the html inside the page.

I search a solution to simulate space bar that can click all checkbox.


Example site? Is executeScript not usable in this case if (x)click fail?

how can I select a checkbox with the command executeScript ?

Can you post some examples please ?

Usually i use select the checkbox and use space that ignore frame and select the checkbox in every cases, others solution will be appreciated.

You usually want check and uncheck , not click for checkboxes

In some sites ui vision do not detect the checkbox, it click but the checkbox rest not checked.

In this cases i must use tab key and space key emulation.