Question about Ui vision for Firefox update

Hi @admin

I wanted to ask for information. It has been almost 2 years since ui vision has been updated on firefox, there are numerous changes in these 2 years that are not available for those who use firefox extension.
I wonder if you will be able to update after 2 years ui vision for firefox to bring it back up to date as ui vision for Chrome.
My concern is that after 2 years of no updates for ui vision for firefox that it will be out of date and will remain out of date.


Last firefox update (from mozilla)

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2 years ago (May 18, 2021)


Thanks for asking! Ui.Vision for Firefox will be catching up with Ui.Vision for Chrome in a few months. We had to delay releasing RPA versions for Firefox, since the Firefox “Manifest V3” (MV3) itself was delayed:

Manifest V3 became only generally available in Firefox 109 (released January 2023). Also, the Chrome MV3 “Service Workers API” is still not available in Firefox - but Mozilla plans to add this soon.

=> So our plan is to give Firefox MV3 a few more month to mature and add the still missing features. Then we will start the conversion. Ideally, we have the new Ui.Vision for Firefox version ready sometime during summer. It will have all the features that the Chrome version has.

And once this Firefox MV2->MV3 migration is done, future Ui.Vision for Chrome, Edge and Firefox versions will be released at the same time again. We :heart: Firefox :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info, I’m happy to know that ui vision for firefox will be updated, thanks again

@newuserkantu What are you missing in the FF version?

The window resizing bug is still annoying and the clipboard is not working but the macros themselves have been working without issue after switching from Chrome to Firefox.

There are many new commands published in these 2 years for Ui vision Chrome version that currently in ui vision firefox version are not available, read all the news of the ui vision versions for Chrome to see the new commands and changes

Got a question on this upcoming update: One of the “features” of the new chrome updates is that executescript_sandbox went back to ES5, is that also going to be a “feature” of the Firefox update? If so, can you please release an update that uses ES6 with whatever fixes are compatible with that configuration before introducing an ES5 executescript_sandbox to Firefox? I get that there are workarounds, but I’ve used let, const, includes, for of loops and whatever else I might not even be aware isn’t compatible with ES5, a lot over the years, so I cannot stress enough how much I’d like to not rewrite everything, particularly considering it’s a step in the wrong direction. I’m still using v6.2.8 on chrome just because of this…

If we can avoid it, not. It depends how restrictive manifest V3 in Firefox is.

There will be no more updates for the old manifest V2 versions of the browser extensions from us. But since our RPA software is open-source, anyone is welcome to backport features from our newer versions to the manifest V2 versions.