[RPA for Firefox only] Paste from clipboard

${!clipboard} Stopped working Version 6.2.6 Firefox gives “no luck” error
Full line: type #efp ${!clipboard}

Issue confirmed :frowning:

We will fix this with the next UIV for Firefox update.

I apologise for coming back to this topic, but is there an approximate date for a fix to this issue? :pray:

Also, given the recent implementations of Manifest V3 in Firefox, is it likely that an update will be released soon to bring this extension back on par with the Chrome version?
Mozilla Manifest V3 migration guide

Thank you! :crossed_fingers:

Is there any solution to save clipboard value in csv avoiding “No Luck” error ?

When will this bug in ui vision for firefox be fixed?


The next update for Ui.Vision for Firefox will be the manifest V3 update. Once we work on this, we will also address all other open issues in Firefox.

The timing depends on the Firefox team. Late 2022 they said:

Firefox MV3 offers Event Pages as the background script in lieu of service workers, though we plan to support service workers in the future for compatibility. Event Pages offer benefits like DOM and Web APIs that aren’t available to service workers, while also generally providing a simpler migration path.

Over subsequent releases next year (= 2023!), we’ll continue to expand Firefox MV3 compatibility.

We need these “service workers”, so that is what we are waiting for.

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