Kantu 5.3.10 crash Chrome memory leakage on Windows7

After Kantu update till ver.5.3.10, I got Kantu crash with memory leakage in Chrome and Windows 7 error out of memory.

Thanks for the report. Can you please tell us what you did before this happened? Did you run a macro in a loop? Any info that might help us to recreate the issue is helpful.

I just run the same macro. My macro started, me use big pauses to run macro at the defined time schedule. After about a couple of hours i got plugin crash. I did not watch that error in the previous Kantu version.

So the macro has no loop, but PAUSE commands that take for example one hour?

Yes, no loop used, just Pause command

Thanks. Just to clarify further: Was this a crash during the automatic update itself? Or do you still see the issue now if you run your macro(s) after a browser restart?

I can see this issue after browser restart, repo steps

  1. Preconditions: Win7 Enterprise, RAM 4Gb, HDD 100Gb. Kantu addon 5.3.10 installed.
  2. Open Chrome
  3. Run Kantu
  4. Create a simple macro with the big Pause=8 hours wait.
  5. Wait about ~5-8 hours.


  1. I see memory leakage in Chrome from ~100k till 1,5Gb of RAM
  2. Kantu crashes and not responding

Thanks for the report. I guess the issue is related to UI.Vision keeps crashing since update - #11 by admin => We are testing this and will fix it asap.

Fixed with V5.3.17