How to prevent Chrome extension updates? (and Firefox)

I would like to know if there are any possible ways where I could prevent updating the plugin (RPA browser automation, chrome plugin) to newer versions?

As I am testing the plugin for an automation task on a weekly and monthly basis, when a newer version comes up i face some errors in my automation tasks Are there any ways I could download the plugin for customization? or turn off the plugin update ( which I have searched through google already, seems like there are no option).

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Thanks for asking. There are several good ways to avoid the RPA software auto-update:

  • Firefox (easiest option): In Firefox you can disable extension auto-updates in the Firefox addon settings. Go to about:addons, select the RPA addon and then select the option “Automatic Updates: (x) Off”). See also the screenshot below.

  • Firefox (Option 2): You can use this option if you need to install an older RPA version. We provide a signed version of RPA for Firefox in our RPA software archive. Just download it, install it and your automation task will never again be disturbed by RPA updates :slight_smile:

  • Chrome: Google allows external installations from ZIP files only. The drawback is that Chrome will prompt you at every start if you want to keep the externally installed extension. So this method works for short tests, but is not suitable for unattended operation.

  • Chrome, Option 2 (easiest Chrome option): The RPA Enterprise Edition includes update management support, which makes managing RPA for Chrome updates as easy as with Firefox.

Summary: If you use the free version of the RPA software and want to avoid auto-updates, I highly recommend that you use RPA for Firefox. The macros are compatible with RPA for Chrome, so switching between both browsers is easy.

Screenshot: How to disable auto-updates for Firefox extensions:

If you disabled auto-updates, you can still manually click the “Check for Updates” link to trigger an update check and update.

See also: How to run RPA macros 24/7


thank you :slight_smile:

I already use Kantu for Firefox. The problems I reported are on Firefox (should have mentioned it)

The regular RPA for Firefox (= installed from Mozilla addons) auto-updates just like RPA for Chrome. To disable auto-updates you must install the non-store version from the archive (“Signed XPI” version):