[issue #41] XClick fails if second monitor is connected

If you only use only one monitor, it still works normally. I have the same problem when using a second monitor (windows 10, Extend monitor)

Video screen capture
First time, use 2 monitor at the same time → error (at 00:00:30 look at 2nd monitor)
Second time, only use one screen → it’s ok!

Thanks for the detailed error report. => I added dual monitor support to our todo list for this quarter.


Ahhh, I was wondering why all my XClicks weren’t working. Good to know. Glad I stumbled upon this as it was driving me crazy trying to do simple XClick commands. +1 to implementing dual monitor support!

Just wondering was the dual monitor feature added or is it still in the works?

Still not added :roll_eyes:

…but meanwhile it is very high on our todo list. So I hope we have it soon!

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Is this todo feature for all monitors and not only dual monitor feature? I have three monitors.

Once solved, it will be for all monitors, not just two :slight_smile:


Do we have any update on dual+ monitor display progress?
This issue has put a lot of my projects on hold as both of the locations that I use computers have 2 + displays.
(I still really like this program though, and playing around with the XClick functions after unplugging extra monitors is quite fun and powerful.)

It’s been almost a year since this was reported.
Any idea when it will be fixed?


Any update on this as it is 3 days until this is over a year since it was added to the to-do list.

I mean at this point, I just want to know if it isn’t going to happen and to stop getting my hopes up.

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@Adam Yes, dual monitor support is going to happen. It will be part of a larger XModule upgrade this year.

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Beta version thinkable?

Yes, but not ready yet. I will update this thread once we have a beta version.

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Now that V5.5.7 is out of the door, hopefully there’s some extra Tender Love and Caring for this issue :heartbeat:

Any update on this problem? @admin

Looks like this issue will never be addressed.

Sorry for the huge delay on this feature.

Adding multi-monitor support turned out to be much more tricky than originally expected. I hesitate to give out a new release date, but the plan is that we get it finally done in early 2021.

I am happy to report that this dual screen bug has been finally solved :slight_smile:

To upgrade, please download the new XModule installer V202009b for Windows. It upgrades the Real User simulation XModule to V1.0.21. There is no update for Mac and Linux, because this bug was always a Windows only problem. Note that the RPA browser extension itself does not need to be upgraded.

What does this fix do?

This upgrade solves the problem that XClick mouse clicks hit the wrong area when a second monitor is connected. It also allows you to send mouse clicks to the “not-main” monitors if you know the x/y coordinates (e. g. XClick | -300, 20)

What does this fix not do?

Computer vision still searches “only” the main display. So it can not find apps or buttons on other displays. A further upgrade that adds multi-screen image search is planned for 2021 if there is demand for this feature (=> if you need it, please open a forum post for it).

Today’s upgrade should solve all of the problems reported in this thread. But of course, if you continue to have problems with multi-screen configurations, please let us know.

The bug exists also on mac Apple M1 mac OS Ventur 13.1 (22C65)