Multiple Monitor Support - Desktop Automation

Hi - I have built some desktop automation and can run it fine from here on my single monitor setup and also remotely on a clients machine - again using a single monitor setup.

When my client runs it they run into problems - the script runs but doesn’t seem to find the objects to interact with via visualsearch and xclick. The only difference as I see it is that they are running a multiple monitor setup. The Browser opens and the script runs on say monitor one but the application that needs to be automated is open on monitor 2.

Are multiple monitors supported?


Multiple monitors are supported in the sense that they do not disturb the image search, but as of today the image search always looks on the main screen:

Adding full multi-monitor support is on our todo list.

Question: Would you need the image search to search all connected screens, or would it be sufficient to be able to redirect the image search to e. g. the 2nd screen?

Ok - no problems - now we know, we can deal with it :+1:

I suppose the answer to your question is “All of the above”!. I’m guessing you really want to be able to select between

  • Main monitor (default)
  • A specific monitor
  • Any connected monitor.

I’m guessing the performance would degrade the more monitors the engine has to search, so defaulting to the main would make sense…

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Iam new to These tools .So I have one doubt about monitoring. Shall we monitor the workflows during ng automation