INQUIRY: *Special Player Bundle*: Enterprise Edition plus Enterprise Player

Good Morning,

I am inquiring about the “Special Player Bundle: Enterprise Edition plus Enterprise Player” for my organization. I just have a few questions:

  1. How much will it be for 10 Enterprise Edition Licenses plus the Enterprise Player?

  2. Are the licenses tied to the computers MAC Address or is it tied to a user’s account? For example, if I enter the license key on computer A and then within a few months Computer A is replaced with Computer B, am I able to transfer that license key to Computer B via my account? Or will I be unable to because the license is tied to the computer?

  3. Are you able to explain more on the Local OCR Server Feature? We have test cases that involves desktop applications which are not web-based.

Hello, thanks for asking about our RPA enterprise options.

  1. We offer the special player bundles also with other Enterprise Editions just for the difference in price. So the Special Player Bundle 10 with Enterprise Edition 10 (instead of 5) is only US$ 1499.00. To purchase it, please contact RPA sales and they will get back to you with a purchase link for this bundle (just mention this forum post).

  2. Our licenses are not hardware locked in any way! You can install, uninstall, move and reinstall the RPA software as often as you need. The rule is simply that not more than 5 or 10 instances of the UI Vision development IDE are active at the same time (Enterprise License). For the player license there are no installation limits at all.

  3. The included cloud OCR feature works for screen scraping and automating web and desktop applications. The local OCR server option is “only” needed when you want to install your very own OCR server directly on-premise. The advantage of on-premise OCR is that no data leaves your network and that the OCR is significantly faster, as no images need to be uploaded to the cloud for OCR processing. If you are interested in this option, we have a Special Local OCR Bundle that includes the Enterprise Edition, Enterprise Player plus Local OCR.

Thank you for your response. I just have a few more questions for clarification.

  1. If I am following you correctly, if I have a team of 10 people with their own 10 licenses, we are all able to open an instance of the UI Vision development IDE at once, and it cannot exceed that 10?

  2. For a user, If Computer A is replaced with Computer B, the user just has to re-enter that license key on Computer B in the browser that Ui.Vision is installed on? Also, can that same license key be installed on Chrome and Firefox, or just one browser?

  3. In the Enterprise Edition License, it states that the Local OCR Server is optional with the purchase of the Enterprise Edition License. However, I am reading from your response that the Local OCR Server is an additional cost – is this accurate? In addition, for the “Special Local OCR Bundle” it is for 5 Enterprise Licenses for the price of $2199.00. How much will the “Special Local OCR Bundle : Enterprise Edition plus Enterprise Player plus Local OCR” be for 10 licenses?

  4. If we select the “Special Local OCR Bundle : Enterprise Edition plus Enterprise Player plus Local OCR” , is it correct that this will be a “one-time” purchase? There is no monthly and/or annual fee to maintain the licenses and features within this bundle?

  1. Yes, correct. All 10 users can work with the RPA development IDE at the same time (= 10 concurrent users).

  2. Yes, just enter the RPA license key on the new machine. The license is per machine. So you can use the license with an unlimited number of browser profiles and with all three supported browses (Chrome, Edge, Firefox) at the same time.

  3. Yes, the local OCR server is optional. The “Special Local OCR Bundle 10: Enterprise Edition 10 plus Enterprise Player plus Local OCR” is US$2699.

  4. Yes, this is a one-time purchase. There are no recurring fees of any kind. You purchase and own the software.