Xtype Xclick commands are not working properly

Hi beautiful community : )
i am using ui.vision a lot but this is first time i got that problem
i wanted to automate a windows app but my xcommands are not working properly however in a notepad or a browser they work fine as always.
i will show you what i mean with task manager example

i tried running browser as administrator but same : (
i tried x,y same
any help will be appreciated thank you all

@ User9898
@ admin
@ ulrich
thank you for all

Help please : ) i need this
thank you all


Do you really want to automate the Windows task manager? Or is this just a test case?

The task manager window is privileged. => To send clicks to the Windows task manager you need to run the browser (and thus RPA) in admin mode.

i wanna automate a game in win10 the problem is this game uses only keyboard so i used xtype command with the focus on the game by clicking on it before xtype but it does not feel xtype at all : (