Why does sometimes simple execution will get stucked indefinitely with no any error


I use a similar storeEval without any problem

You must assign before the value to orderCount

store | 1 | orderCount

Hi, of course I have assigned value to orderCount, it was just not in the screenshot. Also it’s not specifically just htis storeEval that has the issue, this is just one example command of many, such as open, click, almost every command has the issue.

I experienced that just today when Chrome Updated to version Version 74.0.3729.169 (Official Build) (64-bit).

I was in the middle of testing a script and then suddenly none of my storeEval would work.

I closed and re-opened Chrome and everything seems to be working fine again.

Hi, thanks for sharing, this problem happen intermittently for me, it’s not at all not working, I have to restart the test case then it will work again.

With the upcoming new version (beta here), I recommend to switch to the executeScript_Sandbox for all storeEval scripts that do not access the website. This avoids any “website influence” on the script execution and solves this issue.

More info: Difference between storeEval and executeScript