User request: mute or comment out table view commands

When trying to reuse existing macros it would be FABULOUS to be able to comment out working code function and then ADD a new line in the table to perform similar code function.
That way users can easily compare in the SAME window the code what works and what doesn’t.

use case:
I have demo x
it works
I want demo x to do something slightly different function A
I copy demo x
I comment out function_A but I can still see it in the table
I copy and paste fuunction_A into the table
I modify function_A to become function_B
I run the code
The code skips over function_A (commented out)
The code runs function_B
if function_B fails I can refer immediately to function_A as it is there commented out and easily accessible.
if function_B is good then I can delete the commented function_A if I so desire

here’s the video

Kantu already has a Comment command that you can use for this purpose.

I know it is not exactly what you mean, because the previous command itself gets replaced by “comment”, not just commented out. But the entries in column 2 and 3 are preserved.

We plan to improve that further.

Thank you for your speedy reply! I do look forward to seeing the UI evolve for a better UX :slight_smile:

The comment in/out feature is available since the last update. :smiley: