Kantu future updates wish list

wish list
allow users to restart recording macro in middle of table
allow users to click and drag new rows into correct position in the table
allow users to open multiple macro tabs to compare code from one macro to another side by side. I’m using (Atom 1.32 as demonstration and for kantu macro bug chasing)

CSV tab:: allow users to sort by date/size/name
Sreenshots tab:: allow users to save all screeshots to a specific folder
allow user to comment/skip code in the table
allow users to save as > to create new .csv

thank you

here’s the video

Totally agree.
+1. I would also like to have on/off switch for every command.
+1. And to have separate log for every script. When test suite is over some scripts are red and that would be great to see what was going on with this script by clicking on it. But that is not the case unfortunately at the moment.

May I ask why? My guess is to keep the command box smaller/cleaner, depending on your use case? If so, that is on my personal wish list as well :wink:

@pleabargain All good suggestions, thanks. It will take some time to work on them :wink: I changed the title of your post to “Kantu future updates wish list”, since V3.3.3 was already released some minutes ago (it fixes a regression issue introduced with V3.3.2).

Sometimes I check which variant of the command works best. Or make modifications for a short spur but the whole long script. I have to copy/paste commands to other draft script. It’s a huge PIA. If you are familiar with Tasker on Android you can catch my drift with on|off switch. This is a single button I doubt it will make anything unclean. )
BTW there is a counter on top of the script with a playing line number, but there is no line numbers at the commands. I don’t get it.

Ok,… so I think this the same feature request as here (comment/uncomment commands), or?

About line numbers: Yeah, they are on the todo list for the next UI/editor update.

Looks like it. But I’m not 100% sure - explained too complicated. )) Thanks.

How about new command for calling a piece of other code?
So presumably it would work like if I just copy paste other code to my script.
Not calling it for a return of a variable, but as copy of the code.

Let’s say:
CallCode | name of the script |