Ui.Vision with Sidebar - Early Beta1 release

As announced some time ago, the first Ui.Vision Sidebar Beta version is available for testing:

:point_right: You can can install this beta and keep the regular Ui.Vision version, as they both have different extension IDs. This will give you two Ui.Vision icons. No macros will be overwritten.

:point_right: Please let us know what you think of the UI changes, its usability and e. g. the best placement of buttons in the new user interface.

Note: As the version number is V8.2.701 indicates, this sidebar beta built is based on the previous V8.2.7 version. So it lacks the latest updates of the most current V8.3.2 regular version branch, for example XClickTextRELATIVE | text#R5,12 or SaveItem. Once the sidebar version is ready for a major release, we will of course merge it with the latest update.

Happy testing :slight_smile:

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  1. Firefox version?
  2. Am I supposed to be able to show the sidebar in Chrome’s Side Panel? If so, how?
  1. Firefox version: Later this year

  2. Chrome does not support a sidebar for extensions. So “sidebar” here means a small window that you can move around. But you can not attach it to the browser, or even have it inside it (Later, in Firefox, that might be possible).

I wish we could observe variable tabs and comand lines at the same time!

Oh, that is a very good point. Noted.

Is it any faster than non-sidebar versions? Or is it still limited in speed by the Chrome manifest v3 changes? Is there any update on that topic at all?

Performance is exactly the same. Having said that, performance research and improvements are on our todo list, too.

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Chrome has a side panel which currently shows “Reading List”, “Bookmarks” and “Journeys”.

I guess it is not possible to add extensions there as well?

Yes. Extensions are not allowed to use this space in Chrome and Edge :frowning:

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