UI.Vision RPA V6.0.6 and XModules V2021-2 available

(1) UI.Vision Core:

For what’s new with V6.0.6 please see: https://ui.vision/rpa/home/whatsnew

(2) XModules V2021-2 (Native app RPA tools):

Get the latest version for Linux, Mac and Windows here: https://ui.vision/rpa/x/download

Known issues with new XModules:

- In Firefox on Mac (only): If you use XClick the macro might stop at the computer vision calibration (green page) with this error: “E201: Failed to Xclick viewport coordinates…”. If you encounter this issue, or anything else, please let us know here in the forum. As workaround you can downgrade to the previous XModule version. (Fixed in V6.0.5)

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Hello, I meet the criteria you state above. I am on Firefox I have updated to the latest version (mainly because of the issue with the extra “v” when using the copy paste routine. I am now hung up with “E201: Failed to Xclick viewport coordinates…” I will try to downgrade per your instruction above.

@solpow Thanks for the report! This issue is fixed with V6.0.5 now.