After update ui vision stops saying I have reached 250 Xtype/Xclick command limits

I have purchased personal licence some time ago, and in Ui vision site there is same info, that X type commands are unlimited, and I have purchased it for this specific version. Pefectly worked before. What are the issues?

This command have 250 limit per day

Text recognition (OCR requests)

Simple Xclick/Xtype have not limit with license

I do not use OCR at all. Macro stops just before Xtype action, and in error log there is message:
“250 Xtype/Xclick limit reached, if you need more, purchase PRO2 or Enterprise edition”. This is not exact message as I do not have the log, but very close to it.

I have downgraded extension to previous version, and now it is working again without limitations.

Waiting @admin for reply

Sorry, this is a bug in the latest version.

As quick workaround, please downgrade to V5.9.5 from the RPA archive.

We will of course fix this issue asap. Once a new release is available, I will update this forum post, too.

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Good news: This issue is fixed with the new V6.0.6:

  • The UI Vision for Firefox update is already available.
  • The UI Vision for Chrome version is fixed as well and submitted to the Chrome store. It is waiting to be reviewed by the Chrome team. Usually this takes a few days. Edit: Available now (2021/2/6)
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