Ui.vision rpa no tab for dashboard yet

Hi ,

I have reported this issue earlier also. I am getting this issue while running the Macro through the window task scheduler. When the macro is launched before the process starts it through an error message in browser that ui.vision rpa no tab for dashboard yet. Please advise.

Here is a good solution: [UI.Vision RPA] No tab for dashboard yet - #7 by User9898

=> Launch the browser first, and then, maybe 5 seconds later, run the UI vision command line.

hi admin i get same error too,

i run ui vision with CLI Node js, and sometimes this happen :frowning:

note: im already pause browser for the first time like 15 second but still its still happen

and when i open the ui vision extension, like this

this indicates that your system is slow. How long does the “Loading macros…” message stay? Forever?